Episode One Blog

Hi! Welcome to the first blog entry for “ You Can Do It, Home Edition.” I’ve partnered with 84 Lumber and Holmes By Design to give you an inside look at what it takes to build your own custom home. Whether you are considering building a custom home yourself, or just love anything D.I.Y., this series will cover the build from beginning to end. 

Step One: Finding Your Land

As any beginning, this important step is the foundation of your build. Whether it’s a lot within a subdivision or sprawling acres of land, where you choose to build should be a spot that meets all your requirements. When choosing land, check with your agent to make sure it has all the utility connections you require. Getting land prepared for a build can chip away at any budget,.  Iif you have to run electric, dig a well or drop a septic tank, all those things add cost to a build and need to be taken into account.

Step Two: Find A Builder

This can be intimidating., Finding the right builder for the job all depends on what you want done and how much you want to be involved. A builder needs to understand your vision and find the most effective way to build your home. Trusting your builder should be at the top of the list. They will be responsible for all aspects of your build, from planning to completion and quality. You need to make sure your builder understands the role you want to play in the process and be willing to accommodate. Make sure the builder you choose has great relationships within the home building community. Relationships with suppliers, city officials where the build is taking place and the construction crew building the home, will determine the quality and the timeframe it takes to complete your home.

Step Three: Home Designer/Planner 

Your builder should be able to help you with this step. A great home designer/planner will be able to communicate with you and design your home based on your wants and needs. Do not be afraid to speak up and nitp pick every draft design of your home. The completed/approved home design needs to be a design you’re one hundred percent comfortable with. Since a custom home is a blank canvas, there is no need to compromise on the design of your home. 

Step Four: Budget

This is where trusting your builder really comes into play. Being able to build a custom home within a budget you’re comfortable with should be a process your builder walks you through every step of the way. A good builder will be able to tell you how and in what way a build needs to be done, to accommodate all your wants/needs while staying in budget. During this process they will identify the best suppliers, matching quality and cost to keep you within an approved budget. Once your home is completed there should be no buyer’s remorse in the cost and quality of your custom home.

Next entry/episode will cover types of materials that go into framing your home as well as pouring the foundation/footers that begin the build process. This week I’ve been promised a tool belt and some hands on learning. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to use my custom hammer, modified just the way I like it! As the blog entries continue and the episodes are filmed, myself, 84 Lumber and Holmes By Design are glad to have you with us! Watch the first episode below, leave any questions you may have in the comment section and we will do our best to answer them!